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How to Self Publish Your First Book Using Amazon Kindle Self Publishing

How to Self Publish Your First Book Using Amazon Kindle Self Direct Publishing

So you have decided you want to self publish your own book. The good news is, gone are the days where you had to be someone famous, a celebrity or go through a publishing company in-order for your book to be approved for publishing. Nowadays, if you have a solution to a problem people need help with, then you could be one step closer to self publishing your own book. And thanks to platforms such as amazon kindle direct publishing, you can have your own self published book ready for sales quickly and as soon as your final draft is complete.

No need to order thousands of books in advance, then try and sell them yourself. With Amazon Kindle Self publishing, you do not need to print out books for resale, because Amazon deal with printing those books on demand, packaging and fulfilling these orders directly to your customers on your behalf.

So in this article, I’m going to be showing you exactly how I self published two of my books: The Online Boutique CEO and The 21 Day Boss on Amazon, and how you too can self publish your own book on Amazon.



Niche and Book Genre

So the first step to self publishing your own book on Amazon is to decide on a niche or book genre. For example, do you plan to write a fiction or non-fiction book? Fiction books are usually shorter and relate to books such as short stories, novels, fairy tales etc. Non fiction relates to more factual and realistic events.e.g business books.

Planning & Researching Your Book Content

So the second step to self publishing your own book on Amazon is to planning your content. Think of what type of book you want to write. Look at other books in your niche and see what other authors are doing. Look at blogs around your topic/subject and get some content ideas if stuck (ofcourse don’t copy). Read other books and see what you could improve in your own book.

Start Writing

So the next step on self publishing your own book on Amazon is to get writing. Don’t worry about grammatical or spelling errors, or if things look a little disorganised.  Just start writing. Think of it as a diary. Alternatively, you can send the rough draft to ghostwriters in platforms such as fiverr to help you with the book writing process. The cost will vary depending on your book length and number of words.

Book Title

So the next step to self publishing your own book on Amazon is to start thinking about your book title. Make sure it is catchy, captivating and immediately tells your readers what your book is all about. Usually your book title idea may even come up in the end or during the process of writing your book. Try out different titles, experiment, ask around and put yourself in your customers’ shoes – would you purchase this book if you were the customer?

Book Cover

Another key to successfully self publishing your own book on Amazon is to have a book cover that stands out and is appealing enough to grab a readers attention. Basically your book cover should be able to sell the book itself. Again you can get people to design it on fiverr.  However if you are great at design you can check out FREE platforms such as CANVA to create your book cover yourself. Alternatively you can also get your book cover done professionally by CLICKING HERE.

Upload it on Amazon KDP

Once you are done with your final book draft, its time to upload and self publish your book on Amazon. You can register free on amazon kdp, then list your book for sale either in KDP or Paperback copy . Profit potential will be higher with kdp as no printing is required whereas paperbacks tend to have a lower profit margin due to more overhead costs. You can also use platforms such as lulu, blurb. But I recommend Amazon KDP.

For a more in-depth step by step course on Amazon KDP checkout the Kindle Money Mastery program Here.