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6 High Paying Work-at-Home Jobs Without A College Degree

6 High Paying Work-at-Home Jobs Without A College Degree

If you have stumbled on this page, then theres a high chance that you are looking for  the best high paying jobs that you can do working from home with no degree. We are all so hung up on getting a job after a degree. My first degree was in accounting and entrepreneurship and although I had invested my time and money studying for a degree, no company wanted to employ me after graduation simply because I lacked the 3-5 year experience within the accounting sector. So how the heck are you supposed to get experience if no company is willing to hire people without a degree or experience.  Do you not need a job to get the work experience?

Well in todays article, I’m going to be sharing some high paying jobs that you can do without any degree or experience whatsoever starting today.You can easily get started with these highest-paying jobs right now without a college degree.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a high paying job you can get without a degree requirement. Small business owners are constantly seeking for people to help them with different aspects of their business while they focus on the more senior and strategic sides of the business. On the other hand, they do not have the money and resources to hire full time staff to deal with their administrative tasks. Now this is where Virtual Assistants step in. Virtual Assistants can help companies with basic tasks such as responding to emails, customer service, data entry, social media management and other admin tasks required by the business. And in exchange you get paid highly by the company. You can promote your services on platforms such as fiverr, upwork. etc and charge companies per month. This also guarantees you a consistent high pay each month without the need to have a degree. Virtual assistants can charge anything from $30 – $50 per hour.

Amazon Flex 

Have you heard of Amazon before? Well I will take that as a yes! As you know amazon is the largest ecommerce platform in the world hands down and only continues to grow. Now Amazon is constantly seeking for people to help with the delivery of their millions of products through the Amazon Flex program, and in return pay them highly. So working for amazon flex is another high paying job that doesn’t require any degree to get started. If you have a car and can drive, then you may want to checkout the Amazon Flex program which is actually willing to pay you £12-£15/hr* delivering parcels with Amazon. All you need is a vehicle, an Android or iOS phone, and some free time. You can become your own boss: make great money, delivering products when you want. With the Amazon Flex you are a contractor not an employee. No fee. No membership. You are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings. This is another great high paying job that does not require you to have any degree.

Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager is another high paying job you can get without a degree. Every business requires some sort of social media presence to succeed in this day and age. And there are so many small businesses out there who do not have the time to post consistently on social media or respond to messages via social media. If you know how to use social media, I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. And you do not need a degree for this high paying job. Simply approach local businesses in your area and offer to manage their social media accounts for them thereby helping them save time and ofcourse make yourself your money. These companies can also pay you a fixed amount monthly meaning you are guaranteed income each and every month. Now imagine you are charging a company $500 per month (which is pretty low), and you have 4-5 companies whose social media accounts you manage, that’s a high paying $2000 – $2500  per month. And you can charge even higher if they have more social media platforms. So this is definitely another high paying job to look into without a degree.

Affiliate Marketing 

Becoming an Affiliate marketer is another high paying job you can get without a degree. Now I love this one because it’s more of  a passive income job rather than an active income one. So instead of trading your time for money, as you would selling your services, you can have automated systems in place to help you make recurring income each month. You can use promote products on affiliate platforms such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Jvzoo and get paid commissions for it. Alternatively, you can get in touch with brands within the niche you are interested in, promote their products and get paid commissions for it. To learn more about affiliate marketing, checkout these amazing courses at the Income Reap Academy.

Become a Freelance Content Creator or Writer

Becoming a content creator or writer is another high paying job without a degree. If you are creative and  can type and create great content online, then becoming a content creator may just be the best fit for you. A website content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every business with an online presence requires some sort of content in-order to be found in the world wide web. This is where content writers come in handy. You could manage the companies blog or website, produce content for the companies consistently and get paid highly for it. Alternatively start your own blog, create content around your niche and monetize it with google adsense or affiliate products. You can charge companies anything between $50-$300 per article. 

Become A Course Creator

Selling online courses is another high paying job you can get started in without a degree. You can create a course on literally any topic of your choice, submit them on platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare and start making money from it. And the good thing about selling courses is the fact that, the income is ever-green and passive. So you create the content once and make money from it over and over again indefinitely and for as long as the course is on the internet.

So these are my top 6 high paying jobs that do not require a degree and can be done right away. Feel free to share your comments and views below.